Thursday, January 24, 2008

Is the Na Meo border to Loas open?

Ever find yourself wondering this? Then you might be in our shoes. Turns out it is, according to the Laos Consulate this afternoon. An old building falling down just a little bit with one friendly man behind the desk helping eight or so foreigners towards the end of his shift at 4pm. Preparations are going well. Dropped roughly 30 USD on a multitude of spare parts for the Minsks. Clutch pads, brake pads, cables, handles, wires, electrical boxes, adjustable spanner, wires, ummm and some other stuff too. The nice guys at the motorbike shop also alerted us to a secret compartment in the Minsk for storing stuff. We took a look and Eline's bike had a whole 'nother assortment of bike parts and a leatherman that the previous owner had left behind. The bike mechanic dude took a very keen liking to it (and I felt like a dope for opening the compartment in front of him). "You let me have? You let me have." Sure, let you have, I already have one, thanks for all your help, see you later.