Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Break on through to the other side

Thailand! Finally we have reached our goal, after three days of beaucratic bullshit of the highest order. With some help from a friend and travel consultant at http://remoteasia.com/ we got the correct papers they neglected to issue in Na Meo (exit papers for Vietnam as well as transit papers for Lap) and entered Thailand through Vientaine very easily with no border costs. That evening we got on another overnight bus down to Pattaya, a suburb of Bangcock (sex industry is big here). We see lots of fat russian men with skinny young Thai girls, rather gross. I may perhaps be the only guy here with a white girlfriend.

Our man Jim of Remote Asia also turned out to be a Minsk fanatic and happily took Eline's bike "Guppy" off of our hands for $200. Considering the lack of paperwork and the fact that we are in Lao, rather good for us. From henceforth we only have the "Ox", my bike with the saddle bags, a bad attitude, and a desire to dominate the Thai landscape.

Rest, refuel, and race onwards!