Saturday, February 9, 2008

No such thing as a free lunch?

Tomorrow we cross the border into Thailand over the Mekong River from the town of Tha Khet, Lao. Before we do that though, I would like to share some of the best Lao moments:

  • Tet Party: Crusing by dirt road on a sunny afternoon we came into a village celebrating Tet new years in a community building; we were beckoned in by dozens of red faced Lao holding beer bottles listening to loud Lao pop over enormous busted speakers. They got us pretty loaded and onto the dancefloor where every character in town had his or her own chance to gestulate and shout in Lao at the white kids.

  • Kong Lor Cave: We took a boat ride up a 6 km river, except the river was in a limestone cave! Four to a wooden long tail boat we motored, pushed, and paddled our way up shallow rapid through a mountain to the other side, a valley whose community of 500 is only accessed by this cave. On our way back out we saw a crew moving roofing material up the shallow river, insane!

  • Vientaine: Lao's capital city; it sits over the Mekong River with a distinctly European flavor. Small restuarants line the waterfront back by four and five story buildings with rotaries, fountians and statues spicing up the landscape. It is home to the Golden Wat (the national monument), a terrific street market, and the best bakery in South East Asia, the Scandanvian.

Our Minsks are serving us true and the wind is at our backs. We have been ceaselessly aided by friendly locals and other travelers. Just this afternoon we receieved a free six course lunch as we stopped by a resturant in Nakai on opening day.