Sunday, June 1, 2008

Mae Sot to Mae Sariang

Blue Riders hugging the Burma border

The road from Mae Sot to Mae Sariang weaves in and out of steep, densely jungled mountains and follows swift, muddy rivers including the Moei which divides Burma from the free world. Looking across to Burma, the geography is very dramatic with steep limestone peaks and cliffs. A few thatched huts dot the far side of the riverbank, but most inhabitants of the valley live on the Thai side, undoubtedly for safety from the junta. The weather was exceptionally good for motorcycle travel; sunny and warm with waves of spring-fresh air filling our lungs.

Mae Sariang retains the air of a frontier town, part cowboy, part farmer, situated in the rural country on the extremity of Thailand. A small row of guesthouses and restaurants occupy prime real estate overlooking the Yuam River to entertain the relatively small population of tourists.

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