Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tour thru Eastern Europe

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We are flying into Istanbul June 19th to begin tramping across Eastern Europe to be in the Netherlands by August 16th. This is a rough plan seeking refinement and suggestions, especially introductions to acquaintances with extra beds! Eline is using to network a friend and a bed in Istanbul. It could prove to be a valuable resource, or a dead end. If it works, there are hundreds of couch surfing affiliates registered across Europe. As for transportation, we are considering buses, trains, hitchhiking, and bicycles. Purchasing a bicycle in a country off of the Euro like Albania would almost certainly be cheaper than buying in the Netherlands and would provide free travel if only a bit slow.
Turkey: Istanbul, Black Sea Shore [$20 entry charge via]
Bulgaria: Sofia
Macedonia: Skopje
Albania [10 entry charge via]
Bosnia-Herzegovina: Sarajevo
Slovenia: Trieste
Hungary: Budapest
Solvak Republic: Bratislava
Czech Republic: Prague
Express to Netherlands through Germany, perhaps with stop in Berlin to be with friends.
14 countries in 2 months (8 weeks) :: 7 countries a month :: 1.75 countries a week :: 4 days per country. While this seems very quick, the upswing of the situation will be that no matter where we are when August 14th arrives, in less than two days we can be in the Netherlands by bus or train.