Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ohrid Lake Postcard

ohrid lake postcard

Dear Friend,
Ohrid Lake is like stepping into roman times but without gladiators and instead sub-compact orange cars for the itty-bitty cobblestone streets. Our Skopje homies at Vertigo animation studio hooked us up with an amazing homestay in the old town perched over two beaches adjecent to an orthodox church. At night, the very quaint annual Balkans Folk Music and Dance Festival was a well done production. It was all far too relaxing for our already chilled-out Macedonia travels so we only spent three days there wandering in the stone avenues and dipping into the crystal clear water.

Tipping our espressos your way!

Contact for the Ohrid Lake homestay:
Kira +389 70757004
5 Euros per person
Vey friendly, amazing view, highly recommended

ohrid lake macedonia