Thursday, August 14, 2008

NBC's Olympic Coverage

Gymnastics, Women's Bikini Volleyball, Michael Phelps, Baseball, Boxing, and Basketball are essentially all that are shown over NBC's network during these Olympic games. Fortunately, the NBC Olympic website delivers streaming video of every live event and offers recordings of past events in their entirety. The quality of the online streaming videos is very acceptable and the program's ease of use is extraordinary.

Photo: International Herald Tribune
Using NBC's terrific website, I watched the Men's Individual Saber gold medal match over morning coffee. China's Zhong demolished France's Lopez by delivering eight unanswered hits to win 15-9. During the walloping he received, the Frenchman took his helmet off between each point and gave smoldering glances to his coach and the camera as if he were about to 'turn it on'.

Also on the NBC's website, whitewater kayaking, judo, and other interesting sports not in the mainstream spotlight. I am eagerly awaiting some BMX action! Now how about some Russian Trampoline action... Karavayeva's heartbreak sounds good. Ouch, that had to hurt.