Friday, August 29, 2008

Old Men Turn to Younger Women for Excitement

McCain picks Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska for his running mate, and turns 72 years old today.

When elected governor, Miss Wasilla / Sarah, the former Alaskan beauty queen, was crowned America's Hottest Governor or GILF (Governor I'd Like to...). McCain is following a proud tradition of old rich white men turning to hot young women (Sarah is only 44) in their twilight years for a bit of excitement. If only Anna Nicole Smith were still with us she would also have made a fine running mate (we miss you).

Is he trying to win over Hillary's supporters, mostly pro-choice voters, with another woman, who happens to be pro-life? Personally, I can't wait to see Joe Biden crush Sarah Palin in the vice-presidential debates; I hope feeling don't get hurt. I think the best case scenario would be for McCain to lose the election and allow Sarah Governess-of-the-Hotness to go back and finish the rest of her term in Alaska. [ for the obviously photoshopped Vogue cover]

That being said, the Obama-Biden ticket has problems of its very own...