Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Be our guest!

After traveling for so long, we have a debt to society to pay for all of the hospitality received. Friends and family, we open our doors to you to come and stay with us in Wageningen, Netherlands. We have a guest bedroom and a comfortable couch. The apartment is just above the Wageningen central bus station, about 1.5 hours from Amsterdam and Rotterdam and 1 hour from Utrecht by public transportation.

houseguests-8 - www.oosah.com
Housewarming with classmates.

houseguests-9 - www.oosah.com
Our couch is your couch.

houseguests-10 - www.oosah.com
Or enjoy our guest bedroom.

houseguests-6 - www.oosah.com houseguests-11 - www.oosah.com
Making special Portuguese sausage at the housewarming. Wageningen welcomes you!

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