Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fuller Projection

Buckminster Fuller's projection of the world, The Dymaxion Map, reveals Earth as one island in one ocean. Other world maps reinforce elements that separate societies and cultures. Instead of serving as "a precise means for seeing the world from the dynamic, cosmic and comprehensive viewpoint," the maps we use cause humanity to "appear inherently disassociated, remote, self-interestedly preoccupied with the political concept of its got to be you or me; there is not enough for both." (

Buckminster Fuller was, in addition to many other praise-worthy roles, an adamant anti-nationalist. When looking at his map of the world, the landmass appears to one contiguous line spinning off the north pols (look how close USA and Russia are together!). As culture globalizes, it is important to keep this map in mind to remember that we are living on one island on one 'Spaceship Earth'.

This map contains a smaller range of area distortion percentages than either of the of the Robinson or the Van Der Grinten maps (Robert W. Gray). While it might not be an ideal chart for ocean travel, it better demostrates why a flight from Boston to Amsterdam goes over Nova Scotia and England than your typical world map.