Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Eliminating Fossile Fuel Use: 2 Perspectives

The WWF released their Living Planet Report 2008 today, October, 29. Besides good information about biodiversity and dubious conjectures about ecological footprinting, it demonstrated a scheme for the future of energy.

WWF's Living Planet Report 2008: The Energy Challenge

The graph contains a high level of detail concerning the different approaches to cleaning up our energy production and consumption.

Earlier this month, Google released another prescription in their Clean Energy 2030 report. This report only deals with the US, but is quite specific on the methodology of deconstructing the fossil fuel demand.

Google's Clean Energy 2030: US Electricity Generation

Both of these reports contain great information and inspiration for reforming society to be a more efficient super-organism. If the governments can step it to make renewable energy and energy efficiency a top priority, we should be able to swiftly clean up our act!