Friday, December 19, 2008

Tonight in Rotterdam

Exams are over, and we are off to Rotterdam's Maas Silo with...

Soulwax & 2ManyDjs

+ Justice!


Room 1
21:30- 22:30 DVD 'Part of the Weekend Never Dies'
22:30-23:00 L’Azizzi
23:00-23:45 Das Pop live
23:45-01:30 Aeroplane
01:30-02:30 Soulwax live
02:30-04:00 Erol Alkan
04:00-06.00 2 many dj's

Room 2
22:30-00:30 Riton
00:30-02:00 Tiga
02:00-03:30 Justice
03:30-05:30 Joost van bellen

Room 3
23:00-0:00 Hugo + George
01:00-02:00 Paul Chambers
02:00-03:30 Mickey Moonlight
03:30–05:30 The Walk & Roger Seventytwo

Room 4
Sepehr, BoomBap Soundsystem, Freshest Kids en Kid RĂªve

UPDATE: Review of the show
The Maas Silo is in an old manufacturing building; there is so much gray poured concrete in primary shapes, I could not think of a better place to see a show like this. Enormous concrete pillars create well partitioned spaces. Hanging upside-down, concrete pyramids hover over the dance floor.

For the party, a huge crowd turned out with a wide age range. The actual shows were quite good. The best of the night was Justice; their set had a dynamic and eclectic feel to it which defeated the pulsing monotony syndrome that some of the other DJs fell into. We also saw Erol Alkan and Tiga, both of whom put on a nice set. The most disappointing of the shows was 2manyDJs, the headliners! They had some interesting effects with saw-shaped wave sounds which made the listener's brain feel like it was being put in a clamp, but all of their music had exactly the same non-evolving beat, a kind of 1:1 time or 2:2 but never 4:4 head nodding noise explosion.

Here is are some short videos from the crowd: