Saturday, December 6, 2008

Urban Harvest

Urban Harvesting is a theory originating with the Urban Environmental Management group at Wageningen University. The focus is to change from linear to circular urban metabolic activity: All primary resources (solar energy, wind energy, rainwater) and secondary resources (wastewater, waste heat, household and business wastes) that become available inside an urban tissue are captured and used, ie ‘harvested.’

My team's assignment was to design an intervention plan for a neighborhood in Wageningen to transform it into a self-sustaining 'urban tissue'. This meant eliminating external supplies of energy, food, and water by producing them on site.

The project was very interesting. For the consumption information, we unfortunately had to base our assessment on many semi-dubious assumptions. The design we created is financially not feasible, but still a good conceptual model.

Enjoy a short infographic movie of the project. It was written, recorded, and edited in one day, so at times it is a bit rough.