Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Beautiful Folding Bicycle

Bicycling has its limitations, even in the Netherlands. From Wageningen, it is 9km to Ede, where one can hop on the frequent intercity trains, but to carry a full sized bike, it is an additional 6 Euros charge. However, folding bicycles are free. Also, folding bikes are allowed on subways, trams, and buses while normal bicycles are not.

The problem is that folding bicycles typically have tiny little tires and silly geometry. Until now. Check out the IF Mode from Pacific Bicycles. I would like to take one and transform it into a fixed gear.

I like the full sized tires which 'swivel' together in the folded mode. It appears that when folded, the user can happily roll it along with them instead of carrying it, which is another advantage over some other folding bicycles.