Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Paganello 2009

Tomorrow Eline and I ship off to Italy’s Rimini Beach for Paganello 2009.  We’ll be playing for Girl Drink Drunk, a team of internationals rounded up by a friend from the Bangkok Hat Tournament.

“Held for the first time in 1991, Paganello has become one of the world's biggest Ultimate event and one of the most popular tournaments internationally. Many of the best European teams as well as many competitive American teams attend Paganello. More than 1,200 athletes from 25 countries attend play almost 500 games. The tournament takes place throughout four days which end on Monday afternoon with the finals of the four divisions: juniors, mixed, women's and men's being played in front of about 10,000 spectators.” [wiki]

Paganello 2008 highlights: