Thursday, July 23, 2009

5 Days in NYC

Thank you to my friends for showing me a great time NYC earlier this week…  I had a great time enjoying the following activities:


I saw Dirty Projectors beside the Hudson River in Brooklyn with a crowd of beautiful people / the Williamsburg population.

dirtyprojectors 3740996969_abebabf0fa_o

Williamsburg waterfront | Dirty Projectors


I broke New York’s Open Container Law in McCarren Park, Brooklyn until after dark and then was taken to a Manhattan hotel roof bar by an off-duty homosexual bartender for free drinks with a great view of the NY night skyline.


I crashed on David Rosenzweig’s couch on the corner of Driggs and Metropolitan in Williamsburg in his illegally-occupied windowless warehouse apartment, but a photo studio to make up for it.  He showed me his neighborhood in all its’ Hipstery goodness (been living under a rock? hipsterrunoff, hipster olympics); a barrage of tattoos (ironic or otherwise), fixed gear bicycles, interesting graffiti, ‘fashion’, coffee shops, bookstores, thrift shops, and creative industries.

 522495754_2e01f3c672_o hipster

Williamsburg | Random hipster photo


I rode my 1970’s road bike up Manhattan on a beautiful sunny day to Central Park and the Metropolitan Museum of Art where I saw Francis Bacon’s retrospective.  I also learned that the safest way to ride bikes in traffic in NYC is to go fast along with the traffic.

astraMET Francis-Bacon-portrait-of-george-dyer-riding-a-bicycle-1966 bacon_3studies1

My bike at the MET | Francis Bacon paintings


I also chilled in Union Sq., slept at an undisclosed recording studio on sound-proofing pads, avoided bedbugs, rode a mountain bike at sunrise through Prospect Park, climbed a statue, and modeled in a magazine photo shoot (kind of).