Monday, February 8, 2010

Art infection

Art Rotterdam 2010 infected Rotterdam this new year, with gallery openings and happenings across the city (in fact, the majority of the action was across the Maas River on the notorious R’Dam southside, does that make us like Brooklyn?).  ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’ showed the dark side of the hedonistic lifestyle in Mama Gallery.  In the Charlois neighborhood, SOUTH TOUR invited the art community to a night out with free food, beer, and live music (with some art as well) through 20 galleries and studios.  The main event of the urban festation was in the Cruise Terminal, a dizzying catalogue of 74 galleries from 11 countries, from within which I wrote down the names of three artists:

Bas Princen (Van Kranendonk) amazing urban landscapes from countries in transition. He will be famous I think.

 Mokattam ridge (garbage city) Cairo 2009

Eric Sep (Gist Gallery) installed an infrastructural sculpture of a layer cake infrastructure urban monolith, playfully constructed from miniature models complete with miniature graffiti.

image ‘favellatower’

It was also fantastic to see the new-classic by Sergey Maximishin.

image ‘Ferry transportation through Irtysh river, Tobolsk’