Thursday, April 3, 2008

Hot & Humid

The honeymoon may be over in Mae Sot, meaning the dry season. Our first heavy rain of the season came the other night, drenching everything. Pleasant winds have kicked up in the morning and evening. However, the humidity is on the rise. Last night playing badminton after dark we all looked as though we had just climbed out of the pool when the game was over, pants, shirt, everything absolutely drenched.

My always mysterious supervisor took off this morning for 2 weeks (?) at least to go celebrate Water Festival in Mae Hong Son eight hours north of here. Nevermind that I was explicitly invited several times, and accepted, I was somewhat ditched. He sped off in the early hours without a word to me about his plans, so I had to interrogate the house mates to see what is happening. Perhaps for the better, while things like this are rarely explained in Asia, there is usually a good reason behind it. Nevertheless, I am not going out to the remote city or refugee camp, and am sad about that. Perhaps back to Chiang Mai for the festival? It starts April 13th and carries on for a week or longer.