Sunday, June 1, 2008

Some may say this might be your last farewell ride

Minsk Motorcycle
Minsk Motorcycle, "The Ox"

As our time wraps up in Thailand, we are taking one last farewell ride on the Ox. The road is going to take us straight north through the mountains to the northern tip of the country, Mae Hong Son followed by a 100 degree turn to the East and back down to Chiang Mai before returning to Mae Sot 2 weeks later.

I spent an inglorious few hours neck deep in bureaucracy trying to figure out what becomes of the Minsk when we fly away June 19th. Eventually, the people in grey conceded and told me the truth, "Just leave, its not a problem. If they press you for answers, tell immigration you plan on returning." In May when I left Bangkok for Indonesia there were no questions about the bike, so I am willing to believe that when I leave again there will be no problems. The only question that remains is "Who gets the Ox when we go?"