Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Timbuk2 Messenger Bag


Timbuk2 bag on the Minsk

Timbuk2 is a messenger bag manufacturer out of San Francisco. I have been toting their bag around for a while and snapped this shot of it resting on my Minsk. After posting it on Flickr with the appropriate 'timbuk2' tag, I was approached with a $100 gift certificate offer for use of the photograph, no terms & conditions, only written word that I will be credited.

I was happy to take their offer, excited at the opportunity of getting a new bag to replace my old beat up one. Once on their site, however, I found that few bags are sold for under $100, and all bags go for over $100 with shipping. I wrote back asking for a cool $190 to cover a new bag and shipping to Holland, otherwise, am I just being roped in for another purchase?

Another gripe; I emailed this photo directly to the marketing department of Timbuk2 and got no response. Only after opening a Flickr account and uploading the photograph with 'timbuk2' tagged on was I noticed. Strange Web2.0 action.

Nevertheless, it is encouraging to get some attention from the corporate world. Already I am starting to place my consumer goods next to temples and such to frame potential commercial photography.