Sunday, September 7, 2008

Rotterdam: 2008 Ways to Use Space

On the Street

Despite intermittent rain, walking Rotterdam for a weekend was an architectural feast.

Kubuswoningen (Cube Houses) in Rotterdam by fatboyke

Kubuswoningen top floor
Eline and Nels in the top floor of a Kubuswoningen

rotterdam church
A Rotterdam church overlooking a canal of duck weed is being encroached upon by new development

rotterdam public sculpture
Rotterdam sculpture of steel beams forms the outline of an academic building.

The Sonneveld House built in 1930 is a preserved example of the Nieuwe Bouwen style, the Dutch branch of the International School of Modernism. Inside, the visitor can feel what hypermodern 1933 is like. The answer: metallic brown wall paint, tubular furniture, and steel beam construction.

NAi: the Netherlands Architecture Institute

This museum set in a funky concrete & steel shell overlooking a shallow pool. Three galleries displayed an assortment of interesting projects.

'Living in the Lowlands'
in Gallery 2 is a cross section of the museum's permanent collection of architecture, landscape architecture, and urban planning that revealed how modern Nederland came to be.

'My Public Space' in Gallery 3 asks "How is our public space these days?" The keynote of the exhibition was photographs the prizewinners since 2000 of the European Prize for Urban Public Space for which NAi is one of the judges. Many of the awards and honorable mentions went out to Barcelona, inspiring a future visit for the Blue Riders!

NEST is a gallery for solo presentations. This display is from Esther Kokmeijer, a Dutch globetrotter, who recently published A Summary of the World. The room is transformed into a distorted map of the world. Slips of paper printed with a list of countries are glued down to create the land masses.

Nest at the National Architecture Institute
Nels in the NAi NEST

Club Watt

Thursday, September 4, 2008, Club Watt showed everyone that sustainability in Rotterdam means planet, people, & party. Created by the Sustainable Dance Club company, it seems to have reduced waste and emissions.

No pictures of this venue. We walked past it, but missed the memo until later that not only was it opening night, but also a very cool concept. A good reason to come back to Rotterdam.

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