Saturday, April 19, 2008

Bumps in the road

The Mae Sot road has been bumpy of late. The Ox's wiring and carburetor failed over Water Festival, the shop took and extra day at fixing it and felt free to steal the compass and two-stroke oil bottle I kept on the bike. As I rode it home, the back tire inner tube busted on a nail in the market far from a mechanic who would look at it. By the time I pushed it to a good shop, the tire had slipped off the rim and I was grinding metal on pavement. Additionally, I have been suffering from flu and fever symptoms for five days, though it feels like they alleviating slightly. And the heat is killing me!

Thankfully, there will be solace next week when I take my "forced vacation" to Manila, Philippines, with Eline who is meeting me Bangkok as she arrives from Australia. The visa scene here is strange:
30 day entry visa
+ 2 renewals
= 90 days

after this you must leave the country and apply for a tourist visa, typically 60 days, though at the digression of the custom's officer. This can be purchased to be multiple entry as well, so you get the following:
60 day tourist visa
+ 2 renewals
= 180 days

When your tourist visa runs out, you can go back onto the entry visa plan, and then eventually be forced to leave the country for another "forced vacation", so now I hope you understand the situation.

We are going to spend 10 days in the Philippine islands hopefully swimming with the fishes and drinking rum in the shade!